5.11 Tactical Range Master Boot Review

5.11 tactical range master boot review

In this article, we are looking at the Range Master by 5.11. This boot features a full-length CMEVA midsole, Ripstop nylon and HELCOR leather, toe reinforcement, 8mm heel-to-toe drop, and an Ortholite® insole. It’s a high-performance boot for work and casual wear.

If you are looking for an everyday, lightweight, casual wear gym shoe type boot, you are at the right place. The 5.11 Tactical Range Master Boot delivers excellent durability, comfort, and utility in everyday profile. Read the full 5.11 Tactical Range Master Boot Review to know more about this footwear.

This boot looks and feels the part of a high-performance training boot. The 5.11 range master is a tactical boot for guys that run around with automatic weapons. The Range master is loaded with all kinds of features.

5.11 Tactical Range Master Boot Review

Now, if you have spent any time in the last few years looking for a pair of sneakers and you have gone to your big box, gym shoe, sneaker stores, one thing you’ve noticed that I’ve noticed….

Everything looks like my little pony threw up all over the wall! What’s the deal with guys shoes? Why do they all have to be bright, ugly, flamboyant colors? There is no need for it today.

The 5.11 on the other hand, they understand that the bright color gym shoe market is not for them. They build tactical boots; they build shoes for guys that run around with automatic weapons. So, when they go to build a gym shoe, this is what they come up with.

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  • Full-length CMEVA Midsole
  • High-performance boot for work and casual wear
  • Enhanced stability, comfort, and traction
  • Toe Reinforcement
  • 8 MM Heel to Toe Drop
  • Nubuck, nylon and polymer mesh
  • Ortholite insole
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Ripstop nylon, nubuck, and polymer mesh

The Range Master is loaded with all kinds of features. But something you really have to understand here is that this is not a work boot. It is a sneaker. It is a lightweight gym shoe. I repeat, this thing is not a work boot. Heck, I wouldn’t consider this as a proper boot.

It’s more of boot looking gym going shoe for running around the town. You will know what I’m talking about if you go through all of the features this boot provides.

It is a lightweight gym shoe that you can wear it on the weekend and a great shoe for them who do the running gun type training.

If you are looking for something to hang out at the gym in and you don’t want to wear a pair of bright shoes, but you still need that feel and stability that comes from a gym shoe, 5.11 range master fits all those needs.

This boot answers your call if you are working at the range or just doing chores.


They used a lot of the stuff you’ll find in their heavy-duty tactical boots and their other footwear like a HELCOR® Toe. The whole toe all the way back around into the arch and on the forefoot is all HELCOR®.

So, it’s not in a bad spot where you can’t flex the shoe, it just kind of moves with your flex. But you are not going to wear out the tip if you are kneeling down, if you are in a prone position, or if you are shooting. I mean come on, it’s a Range Master.

The range, the shooting range, that’s where it’s kind of geared to go for the outdoor shooting ranges.
But that does not mean that you guys who want to work out in the gym and do some powerlifting, cannot use a really good, strong and stable shoe.

Ripstop Nylon

The ripstop nylon used in this boot is some amazing stuff. This is really good and strong nylon. So, it’s going to take a while to break this down and beat this up.


The sole and the sole pattern that they used is a rubber outsole. The outsole is designed with an amazing patterned layout for traction and stability.

They understand the way your foot moves and bends whether you are walking on a soft surface, rocky surface or if you are just standing on a mat. They understand how that foot moves and where a foot needs traction. So, they designed the sole in just that pattern.


It’s a dual density rubber with an EVA at the heel and at the ball of the foot. So those are the impact zones from running, jumping, climbing and doing whatever.

As you land in your heel or you land in your forefoot, you get a little extra cushion built into the actual sole of the shoe.


The height is more of a mid-top height. It covers up the ankle bone. So, it’s not like a low cut, it’s not like a running shoe or an Oxford.

So, you are getting a little bit more ankle protection. It also means that you get a little bit more ankle support.

You get more support in the foot whether you are hiking, climbing or just working out at the gym. You have more security around your foot.

Neoprene Pull

The neoprene pull-on in the back is probably not my favorite thing out of the box about this boot. But as you walk around and wear it for a little while, this thing stops being annoying you.

It actually becomes part of the shoe that makes it a little bit more comfortable. It is because the pull is forcing the heel of the shoe and in the top of the shoe to kind of give you that whole fit that you are looking for.

Water Resistant

If you are wearing this boot outside at the range and it’s sandy or dirty or muddy, there is need to worry about it. It is water resistant.

And something that they did that is really nice is that they sewed their tongue pretty high up in there which is really a nice thing. It is going to keep dirt, dust, and sand from getting inside of the boot.

If you are hiking or walking the trails out at the shooting range or whatever you are doing, you have got a shoe that is going to keep your foot a little bit cleaner just by design.


The plastic stuff that they used for the eyelets is some pretty interesting material. It seems to be a lot stronger than if they didn’t use it at all and if they ran metal eyelets through there.

So, you are getting the strength that can really hold this stretchy flexible material in place.


Inside the boot, you will find an Ortholite® insole. It’s a single density, nice and comfortable insole.


Inside the boot, they have a hard footbed. Something else that 5.11 does that I really like is their 8-mm heel-to-toe neutral stance design. You don’t find that in a lot of shoes.

You especially don’t find that in something that can double as a gym shoe or just a lightweight shoe for hiking or exercising in.


Now, they really had the outdoors in mind because they have a nylon shank built-in to the boot.

Because of this shank, you can actually climb this thing. You can actually use it on a training range. There is no need to be worried about climbing and standing for a long time on a rung or on a surface.

When you have something in the middle of the boot, you have got that shank there to offer a little support.


Out of the box, I found them to be just a little snug. And I also find the back part to be a little annoying at first.

But if you give it a day or two, and when the shoe starts to stretch out, It starts to form to your foot.


So that’s the Range master by 5.11. It’s a beautiful basic dual-purpose gym shoe, an outdoor shoe for a regular guy.

If you have worn the Range Master before, please share your experience on what you think about the breaking period on it. Did it stretch out enough for you? Also, let me know where you are wearing the boot. Are they your gym shoe for going to the gym? Or are you wearing them for your outdoor activities?

Whatever the scenario may be, there is no doubt that this footwear is a great product from 5.11. So, that’s the 5.11 Tactical Range Master Boot Review, until next time.

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