Altai Hunting Boot Review

Altai Hunting Boot Review

In this article, I’m going to be doing the Altai Hunting Boot Review. When it comes to new modern boots, Altai is actually pushing that envelope much further than most companies are today.

With the use of all these modern materials that they are adding to a piece of footwear, Altai is quickly rising in the leader board in the hunting and tactical boot industry.

Now, I’ll be assuming you know about Altai; they are famous for their SuperFabric. It’s their invention and let me tell you, this fabric is something else. This Altai High-ground 8” waterproof boot is made using the SuperFabric.

Altai Hunting Boot Review

ALTAI 8' Brown Waterproof Hunting Boots Model: MFH200
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ALTAI 8" Brown Waterproof Hunting Boots Model: MFH200 - Paid Ad.
  • EVA Midsole
  • ALTAI Custom Last
  • Padded Collar; Cordura Nylon Gussets and Padded Tongue; Wide Heel Pull
  • ALTAI Speed Lacing System; Metal Eyelets; Sausage Link Laces
  • Advanced Mudguard; SuperFabric Toe Cap


It is their own design. It’s patented. It has been around for 15 years. It is some amazing stuff. It has durability, it is waterproof, it has stain resistant property to it and also just has a really interesting feel when you first touch it.

Now, Altai knows what they are creating. It is going to be a uniform performance boot for guys who are in law enforcement, forestry and other similar types of work. Altai really focuses on building a boot for those kinds of jobs.

But, when you remove that from the equation, and you look at this boot as either a work boot or a hiking boot, it really does make sense that boots like these are going to lead the way in the future.

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The sole is the Vibram Excess Work Sole, and I’m sure you’ve seen this sole on other boots. A lot of work shoes and tactical boots are using this sole. This compound is also used by a lot of outdoor companies because it sheds mud nicely.

It is also super slip resistant and flexible. And, it doesn’t wear down really quickly. Another really nice part about the sole is the heel to toe rise on a level surface. You are actually getting a little bit higher in the heel with the sole.

You get a little bit of shank section in the middle that you can actually climb a rung with these boots.


Altai understands that it is going to be a uniform tactical boot. It’s going to be for operations and similar stuff.

That’s why they narrowed the toe section. It’s narrower than what we are used to seeing in a lot of boots.

It’s not so narrow that it becomes a pointy toe, but it is just narrow enough that it fits into the rung of a ladder. So that you can feel secure using this part of your foot to climb with and you are not going to feel like you’re going to

slip all over. Or, when you need to use the ball of your foot the get on something.

Inside The Boot

When you open this boot up and take a look inside, the lining is outstanding. The way they built it and padded the inside of the boot without interrupting the natural shape and form of the outer part of the boot is really something else.

A beautiful polyester material that they used to line the foot which also happens to have moisture wicking property, this boot has good breathability.

That’s part of the whole principle of the SuperFabric. It’s waterproof, but yet it breathes.


At the top of the boot, the padded collar is a nice thick heavy pad that wraps around. It’s not sectional so, you are not going to feel little things digging in where they had to cut and piece the foam together.

It’s one continuous piece that goes around the top of your ankle and feeds into your Achilles.


On the top of the tongue, you’ll find Cordura all the way, up and down. You can tie this boot really tight. It’s a very strong material. The laces are not going to dig in and start tearing up the material. The tongue is padded, and the hardware is metal, all the way through.

Two top speed laces. And, when you go to lace with these new speed laces that a lot of the companies are using, they really are a blind speed lace. As long as you are used to wrapping your lace around, you can hit that speed lace.

It’s got a really nice way for the lace to enter and a nice touch on the speed lace.


The insole inside this boot just a basic sock liner. It’s a reinforced arch, and heel to you get support from the insole. The front of it is a little EVA material. So, it’s nice and soft.

It’s covered with a brown wicking material. So, when you put all of these together, it completes the whole package of the boot.

Size & Fit

About size and fit, you should actually go down a size. It’s not always the case though. It just so happens that wearing a size down will actually allow you to get the real feel of a tactical boot.

Most of the time when I’m buying tactical boots, I buy them thinking that they are going to be work boots. I’m going to be running around, working and spend 14-15 hours on these things.

But with the Altai, I really wanted to get the feel of a performance boot. In order to have a performance boot, you need something that is really tight to the foot. You need something that hugs your foot.

And given the fact that the SuperFabric moves, the mudguard moves all of the other stuff that’s inside the boot moves, it forms and takes shape of your foot.

Now, if you are planning on wearing extra socks with this thing or big heavy wool socks, you might just want to go with your size.

But, if you are going to wear nice polypropylene socks, and want to look for the wicking properties to happen and the waterproofness to happen in warmer climates, you should probably go down a half size.


The Altai 8” Brown Hunting Boot is exceptionally lightweight. It is a tactical boot. More like the modern ones. All modern tactical boots are lightweight, and they should be.

Because, once this thing is on your foot, you want to forget about it. It’s like you want your boot to not be there.

You don’t have the time to feel your toes hurting or your heel slipping.

It just all goes away. And, the weight has a lot to do with that. Since I’m mentioning weight, these pairs weigh in at 2.8 lbs.

So, that’s the Altai Hunting Boot Review. Hope you liked it and why not give this one a shot at your next hunting trip.

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