Bates Freedom Review – All American Motorcycle Boots

Bates Freedom Review

In this article, we are looking at a really nice all American made boots by Bates, the freedom. It’s everything you want in a motorcycle boot and more. Read the rest of the Bates Freedom Review to know more.

It is manufactured in big rapids, Michigan. These boots are Berry compliant. And, guess what that means?
These will make the perfect riding boots. Or, you could just use them for casual wear. Whatever floats your boats.

For me, these will be my all-day work boots. Very comfortable boots and best of all, 100% made in the USA.

Features At A Glance

  • Leather Welt Construction.
  • Water Resistant Leather & Nylon.
  • Dri-Lex® Lining.
  • Leather Toe Shift Reinforcement.
  • Water-Resistant.
  • Poron XRD® Side Impact Foam.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.

So, there are two high points about the freedom that really stand out for me. But before I get to them, I just want to run down all the basic materials and stuff for you guys.

And then we’ll get to the parts of the boot that I truly do like. So, let’s get started with the Bates Freedom Review.

Bates Men's Freedom Work Boot
46 Reviews
Bates Men's Freedom Work Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Water-Resistant Leather and Nylon
  • Dri-Lex Lining
  • Poron XRD Side Impact Foam for Ankle Protection
  • Poron XRD Side Impact Foam
  • Proudly Manufactured in The USA

Bates Freedom Review

Vibram Sole

Let’s start with the mini lug sole by Vibram. It’s a Vibram rubber, so it’s really sticky. Now, you got to remember this is a Motorsports boot.

It’s not a work boot. Sure, this could double as a work boot if you got stuck riding your bike to work. And you had to go dig a hole; you wouldn’t kill your foot digging in this thing all day long.

You would just probably kill the boot. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I mean, it’s a pretty damn nice boot ruin kicking a shovel.

Toe Shift Leather Reinforcement

So, it’s a motorsports boot. You get this extra piece of leather across the front which is the toe shift leather reinforcement. Which is a really nice touch. It has a really nice to look at what would basically be a really low-key boot.

Leather & Nylon

Now, the materials. A little bit of nylon at the collar. Everything is water-resistant leathers like this and nylon like this can all be treated with chemicals in order to make them almost 100% waterproof. Out of the box, they’re treated, but they’re only water-resistant.


The Vibram sole is held down with a full leather welt. That welt stitch is in red. You will also see a lot of symbols on these boots. All the little symbols on this boot have some sort of meaning.

If you don’t know what they are, look up on the internet. There are tons of information out there. I don’t want to get sidetracked, so I’ll stick to the review for now.

Inside The Boot

Inside the Bates Freedom, you’re going to find what’s called a Dri-Lex® Lining. When you mix the Dri-Lex with the leather and the nylon, it’s going to make for a little bit more of a comfortable boot in hotter weather.

Dri-Lex kind of pulls the moisture away from the foot and pushes it to the next surface. Just the air movement around the boot should dry the boot off relatively quickly when we’re talking sweat and heat.

Now, inside the boot what you’re going to find is a hard footbed, which is a really good thing when you think about those guys out there that have to wear the orthotics.

The orthotics that come from their doctor. So, you basically just pull out the insole that’s in there you put your orthotic in, and you’ve got a riding boot. An all-day riding boot that is going to be comfortable on your foot.

Now, if none of that applies to you, Bates sends along with a very basic single soft density insole. Nothing to write home about but it does make for a nice soft insole.

Laces & Hardware

It’s all nice stuff. And that kind of pushes me to the first point about this boot that I absolutely love. And that first point is it’s American-made. It’s not American built, it’s not an American design.

This is 100% American-made boot.

Bates also does this amazing thing inside their box. I know packaging doesn’t mean much to people and they do put a lot of propaganda in most packaging today, but you’ll be surprised to know what they do with their boxes.

Basically, what Bates did is they have listed where they’re sourcing all their materials from in the United States.

In my opinion, that’s a really important thing because most manufacturers aren’t telling us where they’re sourcing their laces their lace, hardware, their thread, their soles, their midsoles, their insoles.

They’re not breaking that down for us on their websites or just in the propaganda about the boot.

Bates, on the other hand, tried to source every single piece from the United States to build this beautiful boot that they properly call the Freedom.

Poron XRD® Side Impact Foam

The second thing I love about this boot is that they have incorporated Poron XRD into the side panels. If you don’t know what that is, check this video out.

It’s an impact foam, which is probably one of the most advanced impact foams on the market.

Let me tell you this; it is some amazing stuff when it comes to direct impact and to preserve what is ever wrapped around it.

Size & Fit

About the size and the fit and the comfort of it well, it’s very comfortable. It fits well and the whole design of the boot is for motorsports.

It has a little bit lower profile toe which is the extra piece of leather. It’s a pointed toe and not a big fat square toe.

Now, something that might be an issue is time off the bike. You spent 3-4 hours ride into a destination, you get there, and you want to walk around, you want to hang out.

Well, you don’t want to wear a heavy pair of boots on your feet. You actually want something comfortable.
The Bates Freedom is a very comfortable boot, and it only weighs in at 3.4 lbs a pair.

Wrapping Up

So that’s the Bates Freedom review. Proudly made in USA sources from All American parts. Till then, wear them, make yourself proud and feel the freedom.

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