Carolina 905 Lineman Boots Review – Men’s 10″ Black Leather Work Boot

Carolina 905 Lineman Boot Review

In this article, we’re talking about the Carolina linesman boot number 905 American made. A lineman boot from Carolina that will make you climb high with confidence.

The heavy-duty steel shank and the grippy Vibram sole will give you all the support and confidence you need for your job.

So, when it comes to Carolina boots, and it comes to the Carolina shoe company, their American made line is probably some of the best American made stuff out there.

For guys that need a boot for a specific job, the Carolina line men’s boots, all of them in the line the steel toe models, the taller models, the shorter models, they are made to the highest standards.

Enjoy the comfort of a soft lining and all-day comfort with these on. Read the full Carolina  905 Lineman Boots Review to find out more about this lineman boot.


  • Black Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Cambrelle® Lined Vamp
  • Poron® Performance Cushioning Insole
  • Removable AG7™ Polyurethane Footbed
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Heavy Duty Steel “Right and Left” Linesman Shank
  • Welt Construction
  • Vibram® Austin One-Piece Rubber Outsole

Carolina Men’s 905 10″ Linesman Black Leather Work Boot

So, the Carolina 905, I’m going to start with the sole because the sole is probably one of my favorite types of heeled logger type soles.

Vibram® Austin One-Piece Rubber Outsole

This is the vibrant Austin sole. And this is a one-piece sole with a defined 90-degree heel.

Now, why do I like this sole the Carolina 10 inch lineman boots so much?

Because it’s one piece, and because of the way it’s constructed and welted, you’re never really going to break down this boot unless you soak it and completely abuse it. Which okay I guess; you guys could do that this boot.

When this boot goes to be resold, they can really reconstruct all of this boot because of the way it is constructed.

Another thing I really like about this sole is the compound that Vibram uses. Some people say Vibram with an “I” some people say Vibram with an “e,” I say Vibram.

So, we’re going to go with Vibram from here on out.

So, the compound that Vibram uses it is so sticky in this sole. I mean on all types of surfaces this is like glue. The next stickier sole that I know are rock climbing shoes and then comes this Vibram sole.

Black Full Grain Leather Upper

So, the leather upper. And that’s what makes this a linesman boot. Not only is this sole and their left and right asymmetrical shanks that they use inside this is meant for climbing.

The reinforced toe and the extra leather they add on the inside of the foot and also the extra leather they have added on the other side of the boot, now that’s what I call a perfect Carolina lineman boot.

So, when you have your gaffs on and when you got that spike, it’s not twisting. It’s not wearing this out right away; you’re actually going to get a lot of use out of these boots.

As you can tell by looking at the shape of that boot, Carolina really understands who’s wearing this boot and what they’re wearing it for.

The way it narrows in around the ankle because they know you’re going to want this thing as tight as possible when you got those gaffs on.

Removable AG7™ Polyurethane Footbed

So, inside this boot, Carolina has used a pour-on insole. That is built into the boot that you’re sitting right on top with. But they didn’t stop there; they used their Carolina Aero Glide 7 footbed placed it on top of that.

And that makes for a super comfortable all-day boot. Now Carolina also lined the vamp of the boot which is the middle section.

From the side and around, they lined it on the inside with Cambrelle to pull some moisture away from your foot to make it more comfortable inside because they know that when you guys are up on a pole, that Sun is going to be beating down on you no matter where you’re at.

From the vamp up, it’s all single piece leather. So, moisture in heat is going to be able to flash off, and you’re going to be cooler and more comfortable in this boot.


Another nice touch inside the 10-inch Carolina boot is probably my favorite part, and you can see that right there in the middle; Union made in the USA.

So, you know, every time you put on your boot that it was made with pride.

Durable Material

Carolina’s eyelets. Beautiful brass passed through eyelets and brass machine speed laces on the front side in the backside. All of these parts are replaceable and repairable.

Fit & Size

Now about the fit, Carolina’s got you covered. They make the 905 in two widths, D and EE. With these, they start at 7, and they carry it all the way up to 14. The EE’s, they start at 7, and they carry those all the way up to a 13.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the Carolina 905 lineman boots. If you’ve ever worn this boot or any boots from Carolina in their lineman’s line, please comment below.

If you wear Lineman’s boots now, let guys you know what you think about the Carolina. Please don’t forget to hit the bookmark button on top and if you should have any boot questions, please feel free to email.

That’s all I can say for the Carolina 905 Lineman Boots Review. Until the next time, thanks a lot for reading.


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