Danner Light Review – Made In USA All Weather Boot For Men

Danner Light Review

In this golden era of backpacking, you need a boot that’s made for that stuff. That same leather material used in classic hiking boots, stitch down construction and Vibram sole. Stick around for the Danner Light Review and see for yourself why this particular boot got me all hyped up.

I’m going to run down the stats of this boot as I would in any other boot review that I do & then at the end, I’m going to talk about my personal feelings about this boot, and why you should consider the Danner light boot as your daily footwear. Without further ado, let’s get to the review.

Danner Light Review

Danner Men's Danner Light Lifestyle Boot
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Danner Men's Danner Light Lifestyle Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Danner's hand crafted stitchdown construction provides a wider platform for increased underfoot stability
  • Danner airthotic half-length, moded polyurethane instep that cups the heel and supports the arch area of the foot
  • Fiberglass shank
  • Vibram kletterlift outsole specifically designed for comfort and durability


  • Full grain leather and 1000 denier nylon upper.
  • 100% waterproof and breathable gore-tex.
  • Vibram Kletterlift outsole.
  • Stitchdown construction.
  • Re-craftable in Danner’s Portland factory.
  • Fiberglass shank.
  • Ideal all-weather boot.

Vibram Sole

Let’s start at the sole. The Vibram Kletterlift Sole. It’s a beautiful sole. You’ll notice Danner uses this sole on a lot of boots. And, there’s a good reason for it. The Vibram rubber that’s on the outsole is very durable.

The dual density that they sandwich in between their lasting process, is really comfortable, really spongy, and really holds up to a lot of abuse. The sole is a little bit heavier but not too thick like a logger boot.

You will get a really fine touch on the ground underneath you. And, if you should have to climb rocks, the boot really does climb well. It’s really comfortable on wet surfaces.

For some reason, I feel safer wearing this than I do a tactical boot when I’m out in the woods or when I’m walking a stream.


By looking at the boot, you can tell that it’s a sew down welt. It’s completely recraft-able through Danner. The style number is #30440. You can look up at Danner’s official site for style comparisons.

So, that put’s it in the whole Light category. Currently, there is a new version of this boot which is called the Danner Light II. I haven’t gotten the chance to look at those yet, but I hear those are really great boots, back to the Danner Light Boots.


Breathable GORE-TEX lined, and American made boots. 100% waterproof. 100% made by Americans. You really can’t go wrong with this boot.

About the hardware on the boot, beautiful brass eyelids beautiful single piece machine brass speed laces.


The inside of the boot is lined to protect the gore-tex with the gore-tex lining that Danner uses. It’s actually a really nice color. Kind of reminds me of fender amplifiers for some reason. It has that tweed kind of feel to it. The 6-inch fiberglass shank makes it a really great outdoor boot.


The leather, out of the box is a little stiff. A little unruly. You really need to break it in, soften it up, oil it to get it soft. But it does happen & when it does happen, they become a part of you.

At first, I wasn’t a really big fan of mixing the Cordura with the leather. But, this boot has won me over to this type of boot mixture. On a personal level of something that I’m going to depend on.

Danner Airthotic Half-Length Molded Instep

The Airthotics, most of the time I would just take it away and put it in other boots. When the break-in period was getting a little rough in the boots, I would use those.

Something that I noticed that the Airthotics did, I don’t know if it’s just me or the boots, but when I take it out and wear the boots without it, the heel is completely wrong.

My foot moves around a lot. It just doesn’t feel secure. And, something that I noticed about the Danner is that the heel cup on the back started to suck in. Just like a western boot does.

It has shaped to the ball of my heel. I don’t think anybody else could wear my pair of Danner Lights because of the way this boot has completely shaped to my foot.

Break-in Period

It’s better to take it slow. Extend it well past the normal break-in period of a boot. Why? Because, the slower you go for breaking a boot, the more natural shape it’ll take to your foot.

I extended it well past what a normal break-in period should. It was almost about four weeks that I spent breaking this thing in. And, that was like one day on and one day off, two days in three days off and wearing other boots in between.

After that, it broke in really nice. The leather got real soft and for while there I would oil it every chance that I got.


This boot comes with Taslan laces. But, I like putting paracord laces on all my outdoor boots. For some reason, I just feel safer using paracord o tie my boots up with. And, I always make it a little extra length in case I should need a length of paracord, I have it in my boots.

Insole (The one that I would put because it doesn’t come with one)

Because of the gore-tex line, I would put a Nike Free Run insole inside. These are very thin and very responsive insole. You don’t need them in these boots. But I did it just because of when I’m out,

I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing through the lining.

I want to keep this thing as waterproof as possible. And, also because I spent all the time breaking it in. It’s now just fitting perfectly to the point where I can put it on every single day.

And, I do not want to run the risk of losing this boot because of a little friction wearing a hole in the lining.
All right so those are all the basic stats on this boot. Let’s talk about it from a personal standpoint.


I know a guy who spent probably two years on this boot. Thousand miles of walking, tracking, spending time outdoors, etc. He uses them as his main hunting boot. A lot of the dudes out there also use them for fishing.

The Danner Light Boots is kind of an all-purpose boot. From a daily driver to hunting/fishing.

When I first got my hands on the product, I knew at that moment that it would be my go-to boot. If I’m going out for a weekend or something, this is the boot that I grab.

Mainly because I’ve broken it in. Made it soft and comfortable and I can depend on this thing to be 100% waterproof, and I know exactly what I am doing in this boot.

Size & Fit

They only make it in double E width. I know a lot of people would probably get turned off by that. I am probably across the board. I’m a true D width.

Every single boot that I have ever purchased, a D width has been perfect. The 2E was actually a little snug when I first started out.

It has stretched out. It has formed to my foot, but it was a little snug. And, when I first put them on, I kind of felt like maybe I can’t wear this boot.

But the guys at Danner really assured me that all I had to do was break it in and they were right.

Final Thoughts

Now, these are not lightweight boots by any means. This is not something that you can’t buy and go for a week-long hike right out of the box. You have to spend some time getting this thing soft.

If that’s your plan with a pair of Danner Lights, give it time. Give it a month. Give it six weeks. Wear them around lightly. Let your foot grow accustomed to this boot. Let your heel cup start to form to your foot.

And sure enough, by the time you’re ready to take this thing out for multiple days, it’s going to be the most comfortable thing you own.

So, that’s the Danner Light review. I plan on doing more Danner Boots Review from now on. Check back frequently to see some new Danner Boots.

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