Dickies Cannon Industrial Boot Review

Dickies Cannon Industrial Boot Review

If you have just stumbled across this article because you were looking for a pair of steel toe work boots, stick around. You are at the right place. In this article, I’ll be doing the Dickies Cannon Industrial Boot Review. This is a budget work boot that will get you through your workday.

This boot has all the features you want in your everyday pair of work boots. A waterproof membrane, welted outsole construction, lightweight shock absorbing EVA outsole and much more features all of them in a budget-friendly price tag. This makes it one of the best steel toe boots under 100.

Dickies Cannon Industrial Boot Review

Dickies Men's Cannon Industrial Boot
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Dickies Men's Cannon Industrial Boot - Paid Ad.
  • ASTM F2413-11 Steel Toe, EH Protection
  • Full grain leather upper with waterproof membrane
  • Lined with moisture wicking performance fabric
  • Lightweight, shock absorbing EVA outsole
  • Durable welted outsole construction

If I wanted to put up an article of top 10 steel toe work boots under 100 bucks for 2018, the Dickies Men’s Cannon Industrial Boot will on this list for sure. It’ll definitely fall into the top five.

Why? Mainly because of the quality of the leather, the type of sole material that they are using and the overall comfort of the boot in this price range.


The upper is 100% leather. Not just any leather, it’s a nice heavy leather. When I talk about these boots being good for the price is because this isn’t a boot that you are going to buy consecutively over the years.

This is going to be a boot that you buy in a pinch. This is a budget work boot. If you are interested in some of the more expensive ones, why not check out these work boots.

I have a list that features the best logger boots out there that are meant for heavy-duty industrial work and some of those logging work boots costs over $300. No kidding! The quality justifies the price tag.

Back to the Dickies, this is going to be a boot that you’ll buy if you are first starting out and get the feel of a work boot. Or, if you just need safety toe boots for a certain amount of time.


This is a steel toe boot with a wedge sole. This is a blown wedge sole that means it’s not going to be the most slip resistant sole out there. But, because it’s a blown rubber and a soft material, it’s going to be a really comfortable boot for as long as you have it.

Now, a lot of boots in this price range will usually have very narrow and tight steel toe boxes. But, that’s not the case in this boot. Dickies, on the other hand, they decided to give you a little room here. It has a very generous steel toe.

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Size & Fit

For a good comfort in a pair of steel toe boot, you need to buy the right size. It’s one of those boots that has a general fitting. It really gives you a good idea of what a steel toe boot should feel like.

This is not one of those steel toes that is oblique or extra wide. Dickies really did a very good job of putting the steel toe in the right place that gives the user a lot of room inside these boots.

Inside The Boots

Inside the boots, you’ll find a basic polyester lining. This is another cool feature in a boot at this price range. You have waterproof membrane built in. You can stand in water for a long period of time, and the water is not going to come through.

It has moisture wicking performance lining that means you will have a nice breathable interior in summer. Your foot will stay fresh — happy feet happy life.

Just because it has a waterproof membrane on the inside doesn’t mean the whole boot is waterproof. The leather is definitely going to be soaking wet. You will have a soaking wet boot.

What I want to say is, your feet will not get wet in the water but your boots will. Savvy!


Yup! Insoles, Dickies will give you one at this price. Most of the time, boots in this range won’t give you an insole.

It’s a basic piece of foam that’s put on top of the waterproof membrane. There is another reason why they inserted an insole in the first place.

It’s there to protect the waterproof membrane from your daily activities like walking around, working, etc. And, to give you some sort of comfort. Nothing really amazing.

But, with the inside measurement of the boot and the room that is inside there, you can actually ditch the insole and buy something more comfortable with more support and cushion. That way, you can turn this into a really nice comfortable boot.

If it’s going to be your first boot and you are considering getting a better insole, I strongly suggest that you pull out the stock insole. Even though it’s a thin insole, do not put them on top of each other.

With the way this boot is constructed, you actually want to have the soft cushion insole fit correctly inside the boot with the heel and the arch.

And, if you are going to do that, start fresh. Try them out first without any extra insole, if the need is, get one. If not, then you don’t need to get one. Simple!

Make sure you make your decision before you break in these boots. Because, once the boot takes the shape of your foot, it’ll not feel comfortable after you add an extra insole.


This feature is something that makes the Dickies Men’s Canon Industrial Boots stands out from the rest of its competitors. The blown rubber EVA outsole is very lightweight.

This pair is really lightweight, and it’s all due to the construction and the lighter weight material that they used in the sole.

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Final Thoughts

I guess for a steel toe boot; we shouldn’t be shocked that this pair comes in at around 3 lbs. Truly makes it one of the best steel toe boots under 100.

So, that’s the Dickies Men’s Cannon Industrial Boot that falls in under 100 dollars. It’s also ASTM F2413-11 certified. Hope you enjoyed the Dickies Cannon Industrial Boot Review. If you have bought one in the past, do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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