Harley Davidson Coulter Work Boots Review

Harley Davidson Coulter Work Boots Review

If you are a Harley guy, you would probably know that most of the Harley Davidson Boots are lifestyle boots. But, there are a few of them that fall into the work realm. Let’s have a look at the Harley Davidson Coulter Work Boots Review to see if they fall in the work boot category.

In my personal opinion, the Coulter truly is built for you guys that ride motorcycles. It may be a work boot, but it’s not very different from motorcycle boots. If you want to get this for yourself or purchase a pair for your Harley guy, go ahead.

Let’s have a look at some of its features.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper.
  • Fully Welted.
  • Oil & Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole.
  • Breathable Mesh Lining.
  • Padded Collar.

Coulter is a combination of attitude and performance. The streetwear-specific style combined with tough and durable leather will make this boot last longer and make motorcycle rides much comfortable.

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Harley Davidson Coulter Work Boots Review

Harley-Davidson Men's Coulter Work Boot
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Harley-Davidson Men's Coulter Work Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Breathable mesh lining keeps your feet dry on your ride
  • Durable, oil & slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Padded collar
  • Extra leather on toe for shifting

Heavy Duty Leather

Just like any other leather work boots, the Coulter features an oil-tanned black leather boot with a few bells and whistles that make this boot perfect for lifestyle footwear.

Slip Resistant Sole

It has a slip-resistant rubber sole. It’s grippier than your average slip resistant sole. Because Harley knows that these boots will be out there on the road.

There is going to be water; there is going to be oil, mud, grabble, etc. You will be needing more traction. This is the specific reason why they put this sole on this boot.

The sole itself looks beautiful. The mid-layer consists of a soft EVA type material. It’s very soft and very bouncy. And, it’s also a fully welted boot.

If by any chance you wear out the sole, and you really want to hold on to the upper (the upper is fully oil tanned heavy-duty leather), you can have the sole replaced without changing the upper.


The Coulter has a pretty thick upper. I’m not saying that it is the strongest leather in the world, but it is very heavy-duty stuff. It’s kind of what you would expect from Harley.

You expect them to use a higher and thicker type of leather in their motorcycle boots. And, that’s pretty much what they did.

Because of the fully welted construction, the shoemaker or cobbler will have no problem slicing of the old sole and replace it with a new one.


What really makes the Coulter stand out is the hardware. You got all this branded hardware on the side and also branding on the side of the boot. It really stands out.

It’s really what Harley Boots are all about. It’s the branding. You would want people to notice that you are wearing Harley Davidson Boots. It has the lifestyle of their motorcycle added to this boot.

If you have a beautiful bike, you should own a beautiful motorcycle boot to go along with it.

I’m not saying that the Coulter is the best motorcycle boot out there. And, it’s not. It is a really nice entry level weekend riding boot.

It has a little bit of extra leather on the toe for shifting. A really nice and soft tongue and padded collar so that you can get these things tied up really tight and get your pants over them.

Inside The Boot

Inside the boot what you’ll find is a “crappy insole.” Kind of a letdown. I don’t know what they were thinking. This insole they send along is a complete piece of crap.

It’s just shaped informed piece of foam. Nothing else. It’s not really that exciting. But, what is really exciting is that it has a full hard footboard. Heel to toe, full flat hard footboard.

So, you guys with the orthotics from your podiatrist, you can get them inside there if you’re going to wear orthotics in a motorcycle boot. You got a really nice place to start.

Size, Fit & Comfort

They make it from 7 to 13, and they only make it in mediums. That kind of rules out you guys with the extra wide feet. But, the boot by nature is running a little bigger than normal.

They almost run a half size bigger. So, if you have a wide foot, I wouldn’t be afraid of picking up a pair of these and just seeing what happens.

The whole front section is nice and oblique. It’s nice and wide. There is a lot of space in there for a medium.

It also made me think that after a while this thing might stretch a little bit and you might be adding a second insole to it just to stack them up.

When we are talking about riding boot, we are talking about a couple of hundred miles on top of your motorcycle.

We are talking about road vibration, motor vibration, and all that other stuff. Having a little bit of extra cushion inside there to just kind of dampen that vibration is a nice extra feature to have.


Something I’ve noticed about these boots is that they are actually lightweight. Out of the box, for a tall 8-inch full leather boot, this pair is running in at 3 lbs 6 ounces.


It’s not the best motorcycle boot out there. And, it’s not a waterproof boot. It needs to be treated with mink oil and greased up.

Whatever you gotta do to keep the water out of your foot. Because, if they do get stuck in the rain, you are going to get wet. Especially if you are on a bike.

Remember, water on a bike; you’re moving in a direction that water is coming down. You are basically accelerating the speed of the raindrop.

It’s going to penetrate the leather a little bit easier than if you were just standing in the rain kicking a shovel and working.

Final Thoughts

One of the many cool advantages of this boot is that when you get off the bike, it doesn’t feel like you got a lot on your foot. It’s nice. It’s lightweight, and it looks good. It is black, oil-tanned and comfortable. And, it is from Harley.

Hopefully, you liked the Harley Davidson Coulter Work Boots Review. Let me know what you think of this boot in the comments below.

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