How To Remove Glue From Wood – 7 Methods

How To Remove Glue From Wood

Glue is one such common product which you will find in every house, office, factory, workshop, and so many other places. It actually helps in sticking many things with each other in a complete hassle free manner.

But things turn worst when it dries up either on the floor or on the wood material after your work is done. It turns so hard that with a single wipe of cloth you cannot remove the same.

Dabs of glue which we can see on any wooden surfaces can potentially damage the surface if the same is not eliminated quickly and fast.

There are many commercial products and natural ingredients available in the market which can help in removing the glue from wood in a hassle-free manner.

We are sharing a few suggestions which can help you in removing the glue from wood easily. Here, you are free to choose any of the below-mentioned methods as per your need and requirements.

Method 1

  • Put disposable gloves on your hand.
  • Take a big sized cotton swab and dip it in acetone.
  • Now apply the acetone to those areas which contain actual glue. Avoid using acetone anywhere else.
  • Leave it for a minute or so to allow the glue to absorb acetone.
  • Use a soft cloth, to remove the glue from the wood.
  • You need to repeat this process 1 or 2 times more for the complete removal of the glue.

Method 2

  • Take #600-grit sandpaper. Now start rubbing the affected area with the paper till the time the glue layer reaches the level of the wood floor.
  • Check if the glue is flattened or not. If yes, then select #1200-grit sandpaper. Start rubbing the sandpaper to remove the glue. Be careful and concentrate only on the glue area with the paper, or else you will end up sanding some part of the wood floor causing damage.
  • After you remove the glue make use of satin or dull gloss to get back the lost shine is the processed area.
  • Now wipe the area carefully using a soft cloth.
  • Once done apply a layer of polish on the wood surface.

Method 3

  • Take a lump of petroleum jelly and spread it on the glue lump on the wood surface.
  • Leave it as it is for at least 12 hours or if possible overnight.
  • The glue will start loosening up from the surface.
  • Pull it away and remove from the wood surface.
  • Now rub the area using a clean, dry cloth.
  • As petroleum jelly is oil-based, you need to keep your clothes away from it while working or else it will stain it.

Method 4

This method will be applicable if your glue stain is small in size.

  •  Take orange based cleaner in a small bowl.
  •  Now dip a cotton swab in it.
  • Gently apply the same to the glued area.
  •  The glue stains will start dissolving.
  • Take a real orange peel for dissolving the glue.
  • Start rubbing the stain using the peel for about 10 to 15 mins.
  • Use a clean rag for wiping the stain entirely from the surface.

Method 5

  •  Take 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a cup.
  •  Soak a clean rag in the vinegar.
  •  Now dab it on the areas which are showing the stains of glue on it.
  •  Wait till the time glue becomes lose and soft.
  • Make use of your fingers to roll off the later of glue from the surface.

Method 6

You may need to use this process 1 or 2 times more for a perfect result.

  •  Take a small amount of mayonnaise on your figure.
  • Dab the glue affected area with oil enriched mayonnaise.
  •  Wait for some time say about 15 mins.
  • You will notice the layer of glue is loosening.
  •  Rub the area softly using a dry and clean cotton cloth to remove both mayonnaise and the glue layer.

Method 7

You can use either a dryer or fan in this method.

  • Place your dryer or fan at a distance of 2 to 3 inches from the position of the glue.
  •  The heat will start melting the glue slowly and steadily
  • Use a clean cloth to scrape off the glue from the wood surface.
  • Make use of the dryer or fan for not more than 20-25 seconds.
  • Ensure the generated heat is not too much which can damage the wood.

The above seven methods are the best ones for the removal of glue from wood. If you have any other homemade means available to you, then you can surely apply the same for the removal.

There are few things that you need to keep in mind at the time of making the selection of the method which you need to adopt for removing the glue from the wood surface in a hassle-free and safe manner.

  • Nature of the adhesive used
  • How old is the stain of the glue
  • The length and breadth of the area of the surface from which glue needs to be removed
  •  Type of wood on which the glue stain developed

The above 4 points will allow you to decide the method best suitable for you. In case you are finding it really hard to remove the glue from the surface after making enough effort then we recommend you to ask for professional help.

The experts will make use of commercial remover to remove the stains from the wood surface with absolute perfection.

To avoid the problem of glue sticking on wood surfaces at the time of working or doing some craft on the wood floor, we recommend you to either put some paper or some waste cloth on the surface.

This will surely resolve the problem you are facing. Try doing these methods first and if that doesn’t work, looking for the expert’s help will prove better.

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