Kodiak Magog Boots Review – Heritage Style Men’s Hiking Boots

Kodiak Magog Boots Review

If you loved the Kodiak Thane Boots, then you’ll definitely love this one. Another heritage style boots by Kodiak & this time I’m going to dissect the Kodiak Magog Boots. Now, a lot of you guys may ask, why another Kodiak boot? Read the rest of the Kodiak Magog Boots Review & you’ll find out.

Let the dissecting begin!

As you already know that this type of boot is an introduction to heritage style footwear. It has that classic heritage feel & the Magog falls right in there. Full leather welted boot with a rubber slip resistant sole.

Kodiak Boots, they are a Canadian company. Most of the boots they make are suited for the environment they are in. Mostly cold weather boots. Why are we telling this? Because the Magog feels pretty warm inside because it has 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation.

It is tape sealed and features a treated waterproof leather. They have also included a waterproof membrane which makes the Magog pretty warm inside. It also serves as a nice introductory boot for guys.

Kodiak Magog Boots Review

Kodiak Men's Magog Hiking Boot
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Kodiak Men's Magog Hiking Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Waterproof leather and sealed seams, leather comfort collar
  • Waterproof membrane construction. Durable anti-corrosive hardware
  • 200gm THINSULATE insulation underfoot and throughout
  • Microfiber lining. Footwear Height: 7.5 inches
  • Natural leather welt with slip resistant lug rubber outsole

Now, there are a few details in this thing that I like, and there is some stuff that I don’t like. Let’s talk about each of them.

Natural Leather Welt

What I really loved about this boot is the leather, the way they put the leather in the tongue together and the way they built the tongue sections are some of the best I’ve seen in boots like these. Water Proof leather upper adds more to this boot’s comfort.

Also, the leather they use is very good. It gives out a beautiful oil tanned look. The leather that Magog uses is going to suck up oil like…give them a try and see for yourself. You’ll not believe how good the leather takes in oil.

It looks nice and greasy. Just beautiful. At the same time, soft leather like this, if you live in a state that is mostly cold all the time or in winter when they are salting the roads, leather-like this will take on salt lines quickly.


This boot has tape sealed and treated waterproof leather. They’ve also included a waterproof membrane. This makes the Magog and good introductory boot for a guy.

Inside The Magog

Inside what you are going to find is Microfiber. The same stuff that makes couches and dog beds. This is that stuff that they put inside this boot. Feels comfortable and warm.

Backing it up, they have added 200gm THINSULATE insulation underfoot and throughout. This stuff makes for really nice insulation. It’s only 200 grams though. It’s like putting on an extra pair of wool socks.

It’s also kind of nice to have this much insulation because it saves you from wearing insulated socks with these boots.


Down below! The insole sections, it is a hard footboard. Orthotics & extra footbeds can be added inside. Depends on you whether you want to make this boot more comfortable or not.

Kodiak might send along a memory foam insole. If not, just buy a good insole. The memory foam insole inside is not that good. Not a fan of it. But that doesn’t mean they are bad. It’s just that there are other insoles which will serve better.


In this section, we are going to be mainly discussing its hardware. In the lacing section, they’ve used non-corrosive metal hardware. Why non-corrosive?

By any chance, if there are saltwater in your area, these non-corrosive materials won’t rust out. They are not going to get hard and crack off. For this type of boot, they have made a good choice by sinking this into the leather.

We are also a big fan of their finishing. By looking at these boots, you can instantly tell how many layers they have added to them. There are no rough edges to destroy the laces. Nice job Kodiak!


It’s a slip-resistant rubber outsole. What gives? Rubber outsole on winter boots?
To be honest, it’s going to slow down and get a little bit harder, but you are still going to have traction when you are out in the cold and wet and the ice.

Size & Fit

Go for half size bigger than your regular boots. Why? If you are going to wear heavy duty wool socks, that extra space in your boots will be a perfect fit. In the winter time, most of you are going to be wearing socks. So, it’s better to buy half size bigger than your usual size.

Break In

Like any other boots we have reviewed, the Magog will also take some time to break in. If you are planning to wear them in Winter, buy them in the Fall season. Or, you can wear them around for a few days and used to it.


The only fact that we found somewhat disappointing is its thin sole. Being a cold weather boot, this thin sole keeps your foot close to the ground. But, when you think about the Magog, its sole purpose isn’t for keeping your feet warm in winter.

Although it does a good job at that, most of the boot guys out there would just wear them for like 2 – 3 hours outside. It serves as a good introduction boot for new boot guys.

Come to think of it, this isn’t going to be an all-day boot, and this isn’t definitely a work boot. So, it won’t be much of a deal breaker for you guys.

It is a boot that is going to protect you from cold and heck of a lot better than a sneaker will. Hah! Boots all the way!

Wrapping Up

So, you have natural leather welt construction, 200 grams of THINSULATE insulation, leather comfort collar, waterproof leather, and sealed seams, Rubber sole which is slip resistant, waterproof membrane construction and microfiber lining. Good deal! Don’t you think?

It also comes in three different colors. The Magog is meant to give you dry comfort all day long. It may take you a few trips here and there to break this boot properly. But we assure you, it’s worth the pain.

The Kodiak Magog is entitled Hiking boots by many users. With its waterproof construction, these will serve well for hiking too. So, that concludes this Kodiak Magog Boots Review. I hope you liked it. Also, if you own a pair of these, let us know your experience with them in the comments below.

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