Nike Manoa Boots Review – Men’s All Black Leather Hiking Boot

Nike Manoa Boots Review

What’s this boot good for? Stick around to the end of the Nike Manoa Boots Review, and I’ll have a break down on which jobs I think the Nike Manoa is best suited for.

NIKE Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot features padded ankle collar for lightweight comfort, mesh upper materials that increase breathability, traditional lacing system for durability and lock down support.

Nike Manoa Boots Review

Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot
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Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Mesh in the upper offers breathable comfort
  • Gusseted tongue helps keep debris out of the boot for long-lasting comfort
  • Lacing system with metal eyelets helps secure a locked-down fit and enhances durability
  • Phylon midsole provides lightweight cushioning
  • Rugged rubber outsole delivers secure traction

Right off the bat, this Nike work boot is lightweight. Just like any other Nike boots, it’s bouncy and comfortable. It’s everything you would expect out a boot from this brand.

Is It A Real Work Boot?


This isn’t made for kicking shovels or doing construction. This is made for the other section of the blue collar work world. For those who work in the service industry who need an all black work boots.

These boots are for those people that need to run and jump and move and be comfortable and durable while doing it.

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Enough chit-chat, it’s time to dissect these boots. I will start with the sole. It has a sticky rubber sole that has been glued, adhered, molded to a beautiful Phylon midsole.

For all of you guys out there who know Nike and their gym shoes, you know that Phylon is a really good midsole material. It has certain characteristics that you don’t find is another midsole material.

Because of the chemistry and because of the way they put this material together in the processing, once you break it in and once it gets softer, it takes on those characteristics. I’m talking about those lines that appear only in these soles.


Now, the upper is full grain black leather. (Depends on what color you choose, I’m only talking about the All black color. There are other color options available)

This full-grain black leather is dyed and treated for repelling water. This is a waterproof leather. They are marketing this boot as being waterproof, but because it is treated, as you flex it and wear it; eventually the water is going to slip in.

But, out of the box, because of the way it is treated, you are going to be pretty safe in a thunderstorm. You are going to be pretty safe if you get stuck outside in the heavy rain when this boot is brand new.


As it gets older, let say nine months or a year into wearing this boot, and if it’s still going strong, you should definitely treat it with some silicone spray. Just to seal in the flex lines that happens from flexing and bending and walking.

Those are the points where the original waterproofing is going to sip away or leak away. You should retreat those sections.


The nice part about it is that it has eyelids all the way down. It doesn’t have any speed laces. If you are a speed lace lover, get ready to be disappointed.

As you lace this thing up and tie this thing up in your uniform, there is nothing that’s going to stop your pants from getting bunched up at the top. Pants will fall right over it, and you’ll have a nice clean look.

Brand Value

Another perk of this one is that you’ll be able to wear a Nike boot and not some no-name brand black boot, and you’ll also have something that you are familiar with and that is a pair of comfortable boots.


The tongue of the boot is really nice and comfortable. Nike took the time to sew in a gusset into the boot, and they are using a Vinyl material. It’s going to keep more water out of the boot. It’ll also keep the dirt out.

If you have to run through dirty spots, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your feet. You don’t have to worry about water sipping in the tongue area, getting you soaked and dirty.

On the back, there is a nice little polypropylene boot pull. It fits in with the whole aesthetic of the boot. The collar of the boot is nicely lined with soft polyester. It has a nice cushion around it. It also has moisture wicking property.

As your foot gets warm, it’s not going to stand on the surface; it’s going to push it through and evaporate all the moisture.

Inside The Boots

Inside the boots, there is a piece of a pore on. It’s also black. It has a little black color material on top of the polyester. It’s not something to brag about. It is just your typical insole that you are going to find inside a boot at this price.

If you want to remove it, do it slowly because that thing is glued down. But, underneath that, what you’ll be going to find is the perfect platform for you to add a really comfortable orthotic to the boot.

Deep down inside there, there is a Texon footbed. It is nice and hard. This is a stable footbed. So, if you have an arch problem or heel pain, pull out that insole carefully. Put a real supportive insole inside there. And, you got yourself the best shoe for standing all day.


In the work world, Nike Manoa can be used for security guys and other similar jobs. It serves as a nice transition from a gym shoe over to a work boot. It’s not a hard heavy-duty work boot, but it’s not a lightweight gym shoe either.

Because of the material, the sole and the midsole, this is a great beginner work boot. You could say this would fit well into the delivery boot category.

If you have worn high tops your whole life and also you have to wear a pair of boots, the Nike Manoa is a very nice boot to start out with. You don’t need to buy a heavy-duty work boot; this one will do just fine.

Size & Fit

For this particular model, I would go a half size down. Now, I will wear this boot with thinner socks and not with heavy-duty soft cushioning construction type socks.

If you wear it with thinner socks, go for a half size down and just feel the comfort. Going down a half size is not key for most people, but this is a piece of general advice from me.


The Nike Manoa weighs in around 2.4 lbs. Perfect for an all-day standing work boot.

So, that’s The Nike Manoa Boots Review. Hope you liked it, feel free to comment below and let me know what you think of these boots.

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