Ranch Road Comal County Boots Review – Men’s Cowboy Boot

Ranch Road Comal County Boots Review

Welcome to our very first Ranch Road Comal County Boots Review. This is a piece of art — very stylish boots.

If this is your first time hearing about Ranch Road boots, it’s understandable. They’ve only been around since 2012.

But, when you take a really good look at these boots, you can see that the cobblers they hire to build these boots have been building boots for a really long time.

This Cowboy Boot with Crepe Sole is a good western style boot to start with. I’m sure your bank account won’t appreciate you buying these boots. But your feet will.

Featuring Handcrafted, western style, all leather Charles F. Stead Suede and traditional western last. These are expensive boots. But, for a good reason. Premium Quality!

Ranch Road Comal County Boots Review

Now, where do you start with something that’s just beautiful?

Crepe Sole

It’s a very classic style short pull-on boot. And, I think the only place to start is the unique part of this pull-on boot. Which happens to be the crepe sole.

This crepe sole is odd. It’s almost weird to see something like this on this type of pull-on boot.

This classic western style boot to come with this soft crepe sole isn’t something you see every day. It is an exceptionally soft sole.

When you have these things on, and you’re moving around, it feels nothing like a western boot. It feels more like a really soft wedge sole work boot. That’s just how pliable the material is.

Leather Welt Construction

The crepe sole is held on by a double stitched leather welt which makes these things resole-able.

It’s a double stitched welt, and because it’s a handmade boot, any cobbler is going to have a really easy time picking out the sole for you.

The fact that I’m mentioning removing the sole because crepe is not the longest wearing material.

As beautiful as it is, with this kind of boot you’re probably going wear this thing all the time.

I’m pretty sure; you’re going to wear through that sole pretty quick. But, don’t worry because Ranch Road used a Charles F. Stead Suede.

Water Resistant

The Charles F. Stead Suede is a water-resistant suede from the Stead company. So, it’s a little bit more durable, and it’s a little bit more forgiving.

When you start wearing this thing as your daily boot and when you use this as a daily boot, it’s going to get worn down a little bit easier, and it’s going to show more life.

The thing about Suede is that it starts to take on a sheen of sorts. I think as that happens to a boot like this. With this much detail and that much quality, it is just going to look completely beautiful.

Handcrafted Boot

Now, I mentioned that it’s a handcrafted boot and it’s built by cobblers in Spain.

And, if you know anything about overseas shoes or if you’ve seen high-end shoes from Italy or if you’ve seen high-end shoes from places like Greece or even Scandinavian country.

You know that cobblers in those countries are just like the cobblers here in the states. And they take a lot of pride in what they do. So, enough about the aesthetic. As you can tell, it’s a beautiful boot.

Size and Fit

Let’s get to how it fits in feels. Now, out of the box, this boot is snug. Everything about it is snug.

The shaft is a really narrow shaft. For Western boots that I’m used to wearing, this is probably the narrowest shaft I’ve ever had to slide my foot down into and then get it out.

There’s no way this boot is coming off for the first few weeks without a boot jack. You will need one if you’re purchasing a pair of these. But, if you’re purchasing a pair of these, you probably already own one.

This is not going to be the first pair of Western pull-on boots that you pick up. But, if it is, definitely add a boot jack to the purchase.

Support & Comfort

Now, the instep and the arch and the heel and all that, it’s pretty typical. It’s what you would come to expect from a handmade boot from overseas. A handmade boot from Spain.

It’s got a nice little cushion that’s embedded into the sole. But sitting on top of that soft cushioned footbed, there is a layer of cork in there.

So, it’s going to be a lot more comfortable than if it was just a solid piece of leather in the bottom. Another stuff that they did is that they actually used a steel shank for support between the heel and the forefoot.

So, it is like a typical western boot. You’re going to get that support that you need in order to walk around all day in a pair of these.

As I said, it’s a tight-fitting boot. But, don’t let me discourage you from not buying your size.

Fitting Tips

Now, my personal size in this boot is a size 12 and the first time I put them on I was kind of regretting it. I was kind of thinking well, maybe it should have been a 13.

Maybe it should have been something a little bit wider but as I wore it around a lot more as I started to soften up the leather. It started to break in as it started to warm up to my foot.

I completely forgot about it being tight right in the width of my foot. My foot started to push that super soft leather liner that they used and this beautiful Suede, it started to shape and form around my foot just from a few hours of wearing it.

Who Is This Boot For?

So, all in all, who’d I think the end user is going to be for this boot? Well, I think it’s you guys who want a weekend boot.

You guys who want to take that plunge into getting a pair of western boots. Though it’s probably not the best place to start if this is going to be your first introduction to pull-on boots.

But if it turns out it is, I think you’re going to be quite happy with this thing. As time progresses, as it stretches to fit your foot and as you start to break down the crepe sole and it just takes on its own characteristics to your gait.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s the Ranch Road Comal County Boots Review. I hope you liked it. If you are thinking of buying a pair of these boots, make sure you get the right size.

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