Reebok Krios Review – Men’s Military and Tactical Boot

Reebok Krios Review

In this article, we’re reviewing the Reebok Work Men’s Krios Military and Tactical Boot. Featuring Gore-Tex line, my personal favorite color Sage Green and the best feature of them all… Made in the USA. Let’s dig into the Reebok Krios Review.

If you want your feet to be comfortable in the summer, then the Reebok Work Men’s Krios Military and Tactical Boot will be the perfect companion for your foot. It is highly breathable inside.

This is a hot weather boot. The lining of these boots transfers heat and keeps your feet cool on warmer days. It also keeps moisture out of your boots.

Now, if you’re into ems boots or if you’re into these types of boots and you haven’t checked out Reebok yet, you really should check out this Reebok Krios Review. Reebok has become a major player in all the DoD type boots.

Reebok Krios Review

Reebok Work Men's Krios Military and Tactical Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Gore-tex extended comfort technology: durably waterproof and highly breathable in hot weather, transfers heat and moisture out of the boot for comfortable feet
  • Made in usa: 100% made in America; berry amendment compliant
  • Meramax outsole: four times more abrasion resistant than rubber, meramax polyurethane stays flexible in cold weather
  • 1000d cordura nylon: lightweight abrasion resistance with exceptional breathability
  • Genuine cattle hide leather: comfortable, breathable, durable, and abrasion resistant


Probably, one of the nicest thing about the Krios is the fact that it is a Gore-Tex line which is 100% waterproof.

And it’s not a Gore-Tex line boot that’s going to have a huge barrier on the other side.

It is straight Cordura Gore-Tex material in tape. So, this is a warm weather boot. The Gore-Tex transference is going to happen much easier than it would if you would line it or back it with a third material inside the boot.

Now, since it is a tactical boot and it is a compliant boot, I have to mention the two numbers in here that you guys all know about.

The amount of cowhide and the amount of Cordura that goes into each boot. So, we have 60% genuine cowhide in the upper and 40% Cordura nylon.

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Now, when we get to the sole of the boot, check out that sole. Check out all that traction and everything. This is Merrimack polyurethane. This is a super abrasion resistant polyurethane, long-wearing, durable and dependable.

Because of the density of this urethane, it’s going to be a lot harder to crack it with lots of flexes unlike some of the softer stuff that cracks easily.

Now, with that being said, it’s not as light as some of those other boots out there. But, it’s going to be more dependable because “Gore-Tex.” And also because of the amount of cowhide.

They’re using real Cordura and the Miramax sole. You’re going to buy a boot that you’re going to be able to depend. It is not going to fail in a certain amount of time.

Comfort Inside

What you’re going to find inside the Krios is going to be a urethane insole. It’s going to be a soft urethane through most of the foot, but down into the heel pad, it’s going to be an impact area.

So, it’s going to be a lot softer right where you want the softness to be. It’s not a groundbreaking insole. It’s nothing really that amazing but what is really nice about it is the way it fits inside the boot.

And, how this little bit of urethane takes this soft sole and the soft upper and turns it into a really comfortable all day all week boot.

Easy In & Out

Now, getting this thing on and off with it being an 8-inch boot with no zipper, you would think that it would be a pain in the butt. But, Reebok tackle that by adding this beautiful slip through, pass through lace pulls.

Now, when you unlace this thing all the way, it opens up beautifully. I mean this boot for it being a gore-tex line and you got to think that they got to make it just kind of tight inside here because you got to keep as much water and mud and muck and whatever you’re in out.

They did a really nice job of making this opening easier for the foot to get in and it bends nice. The whole tongue section in here bends real nice, so it slides on foot.

Unlike some boots where you get your foot inside a Gore-Tex boot, and it just stops. It doesn’t bend with your foot. The Reebok Krios actually does.


Now, lacing this thing up well, once it’s on your foot it’s just an easy as just pulling the laces tight, and the whole boot just tightens down.

I mean that’s a really nice touch.

Sure, you might have to adjust the bottom eyelids. But, the last four all the way up, No Go! Just pull it at the top, tighten it up, wrap it around your ankle and go.

Size & Fit

Now about the size and the fit on the Reebok Krios, they make it from 6 to 14 indeed and singly widths. I found that with most people, the D width is plenty.

Your foot has to be a little bit wider than normal. Maybe a triple E, in order to incorporate that E width.

Now, I’m not saying the boot runs sloppy and big. It’s just with this lightweight material and this lightweight type of boot; you’re going to want it to be a little snug.

You’re going to want this thing to fit. Because you’re going to be moving around, jumping around, climbing and whatnot. You want this boot to be a second skin to your foot.

Buying Tips

Remember, when buying these boots or trying these on, since they are a lightweight, warm weather boot, try them on with the appropriate socks.

I wouldn’t say put on your heaviest wool hiking sock when you’re trying this
thing on.

Use a little bit lighter weight socks. Something that is a little bit more constructive to the foot. More like a performance sock. Maybe try a nice tall, athletic sock so that you get the real fit of this boot.

Made In The US

It’s made 100% in the USA. It’s berry amendment compliant. That should give you a good idea of its quality.

Hope you enjoyed the Reebok Krios Review. If you already own a pair of these, share some of your experience with us in the comments below.

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