How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Hands

How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Hands

Gorilla glue is a popular polyethylene adhesive, and this is used in different industries. This glue is waterproof and resistant to temperature.

This glue is also moisture proof. It works excellent on wood, metal, glass ceramics, etc.

If you want to make an indoor and outdoor wood decoration, then this gorilla wood glue is just perfect for this decoration job. Gorilla super glue and tape are also hugely used for plastics and metals.

This super glue dried within a minute and here also you will not require any clamping. This glue can be used on any types of material.

This popular gel is easy to use on multiple surfaces, for multiple applications. Besides Gorilla glue, gorilla tape is also being used for various purposes. This tape can be used on all types of surfaces, and it is resistant to weather.

Gorilla is prone to bind to the skin. Hence you need to be extremely cautious while you are going to use this glue on any surface.

This glue has the ability to dry up within a minute and if this glue touches to your skin, then it will dry up quickly and will create discomfort on your skin.

It is noticeably strong, and it can cause irritation to your skin and eyes. Hence this glue is harmful to us. But, still, if this glue is stick on to your skin, then you must remove this glue immediately.

How to Remove Wet Gorilla glue?

Though this glue sticks to the skin fast, still it is easy to remove until the time it remains wet. Once the glue sticks to the skin, you will notice a thin layer on your skin.

Here, now we can have a look at the removal processes of this glue.

  • A layer of the gorilla glue on your skin will get dry soon, and hence you need to start the removal process immediately right after the glue binds to your skin. You need to wipe the glue as soon as you find this on your skin. In this case, you should wipe the glue immediately using a wet cloth so that it will not create discomfort on your skin.
  • Gorilla glue is prone to bind to the skin cells, and hence you will not be able to remove the layer without peeling off your outer skin. This usually occurs when the glue becomes hardened. If you feel pain while removing this glue, it is suggested not to do it forcefully.
  • Preferably, it is good to wait for the natural exfoliation of the skin. Still, if you do not want to wait longer and want to remove the layer, then you can use sugar powder or salt as an exfoliant and wash your hand with soap.
  • After washing your hands and removing the gorilla glue, it is necessary to protect your hand with moisturizer. While you will remove the hardened adhesive, a portion of outer skin will also peel off, and that portion will lose the moisturizer.
  • Hence, you need to apply moisturizer to that portion on a regular basis. Again after washing your hands with soap and exfoliant, your hand will become rough, and hence you need to apply moisturizers to keep it soft.

How to Remove Hardened Adhesive?

If you do not get enough time to remove gorilla glue when it is wet, then it will become tough to eliminate this adhesive as it turns hard.


Hardened glue will not be removed with simple exfoliation. Well, whether you agree or not, you need to apply the certain harsh material to remove this glue.

  • You can use a pumice stone or specific other rude materials and rub on your skin to remove the glue gently. Sometimes, sharpening stones can also be applied. By rubbing these harsh materials on the skin, it will loosen the glue hold on your skin, and it will become easier to peel it off.
  • Other than using harsh material or stone, you can also use a large brush with large bristles and rub on your skin. Usually, the brush which is used to clean the clothes can be used here.
  • You can also use any oil based material on your skin and then apply a moderate heat on the skin. You need to be very cautious regarding the heat as it should not be too hot to hurt your skin.
  • Fruit acid is another significant exfoliant which is used to remove hardened glue from your skin. The most effective exfoliant is lemon juice as vitamin C within this juice will help to remove the hardened glue. This fruit extract is not only used to remove the glue but also it helps to re-grow the outer skin.
  • Detergent can be used to remove the hardened glue. This can be washing soda mixed with water.


Now after following the process of removing hardened glue, your hand will become harsh, and hence you need to keep your skin correctly moisture.

The glue removal process will make the skin dry, and thus you need to keep the skin soft. Here it is necessary to use a moisturizer so that your skin will remain soft.

The moisturizer will reduce any type of discomfort or irritation on your skin. The glue will not remove at one chance, and you may need to apply several removal processes from time to time.

Hence due to regular use of exfoliation, your hand will have a rough surface and therefore to keep it comfortable it is necessary to use moisturizer.

Wait patiently

Well, if you do not want to use any harsh material on your skin and do not want to peel off the outer surface, then it is suggested to wait until your starts exfoliate naturally. This way you can remove the glue without doing any harm to your skin.

Wrapping Up

Well, those above are the procedures which one needs to follow to remove the hardened glue from the skin. If still, you face some discomfort we recommend you to meet your dermatologist.

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