Terra Spider Shoes Review – Flexible & Breathable Comp Toe Work Shoe

Terra Spider Shoes Review

In the Terra Spider Shoes Review, we’ll be looking at one of their high-end comp toe work shoe known as the “The SPIDER.”

TERRA footwear. A Canadian safety shoe company. If you have never heard of them before, that’s understandable. They make some of the best, highly practical and very functional safety shoes.

Awesome looking footwear which is highly flexible and puncture resistant. Reflective trim windows, metal free, direct injected midsole and outsole and many more.

Read the rest of the Terra Spider Review to know more about these Canadian work shoe.

Terra Spider Shoes Review

Terra Men's Spider Work Shoe
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Terra Men's Spider Work Shoe - Paid Ad.
  • Composite toe and puncture resistant, TERRA FIRMA-FLEX Metal free technology
  • Premium water resistant suede and full grain combination leather upper
  • Anatomical PU removable FOOTBED
  • Direct injected PU midsole/outsole with supportive sidewall chassis
  • CLEANFEETtreated moisture wicking performance lining

If your job requires you to constantly move around and doing numerous kinds of different tasks, then you are looking at the right pair of work shoe that’s made for these reasons.

These safety shoes from Canada are perfect for wearing in a warehouse or manufacturing plant where you need low profile shoe that has a lighter weight and lots of flexibility and mobility.

The Terra Spider meets the Canadian safety standards, and at the same time they really mix in with the specific jobs that these shoes are intended for.

I’m not only talking about aesthetics but feature wise too. So, about the Spider. What makes them so unique?

It’s the sole and the midsole molding process. The way it’s directly attached to the upper has really piqued my interest.

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Direct Injected Midsole & Outsole

The Synthetic sole is slip resistant. So, expect some pliability from them. Underneath the hard-shell sole (which isn’t all that hard) has a soft material right at in the middle section of these shoes.

It’s a low-density urethane material which is soft adds a nice bounce when you have this pair on.

By building a shoe like this where Terra Footwear is injecting a softer material and then a harder material and then carrying the harder material up into the actual upper, it creates a very soft pliable bouncy shoe.

Metal Free Shoe

It’s something that you need to take note of before buying a pair of the Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoe. It’s a metal-free shoe.

For those of you guys who are going in and out of metal detectors, you don’t have to worry. You certainly don’t need to take your shoes off.

Extremely Slip Resistant

If you are waking across different surfaces, it could be concrete, it could be rock, or it could be highly polished wax marble floor. Terra has made the sole extremely slip resistant.

By adding all those different patterns and just by material alone, they have achieved a new level of providing excellent slip-resistant footwear.

Water Resistant (Not waterproof)

This shoe isn’t waterproof. But it’s water resistant. For a pair of lightweight, low cut sneaker type safety shoe, most other brands do claim that they make theirs waterproof but Terra, on the other hand, made it specifically clear that “The Spider” is a water-resistant safety shoe.

There is not a lot of mesh. And, there is not a lot of air movement going inside these shoes. There are more leather and more suede. What this means is that it’s going to keep a lot more water out.

If you are working in a very wet environment, The Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoe is going to be a very good choice.
Canadian Safety Standards & Electrical Hazards

How do you know if these shoes meet the Canadian safety standards? Whenever you see the green triangle you know that’s Canadian Safety Standards.

It’s also an electrical hazard shoe, which is very important when you are thinking about choosing a non-metallic shoe. You need this thing to be able to work in those type of environments.


For an insole, what you are going to find is a very basic shaped soft urethane insole. Nothing really fancy. But, with the midsole being as it is, this is all you need to add that extra bit of comfort.

Puncture Resistant

Underneath that super soft insole; what you’ll find is a Puncture Resistant midsole. And, that midsole is the real selling point for us.

Having a low-cut shoe like this with a comp toe, no-metal and on top of that it being a puncture resistant, that is awesome!

Imagine being a delivery guy in the city of Chicago where nobody really likes to put their glass bottles in the trash can and enjoy breaking them on the curve.

Having all that glass laying just across the side of the street as you are trying to do your job, jumping in and out of your truck…

Having a puncture resistant shoe like this, that’s comfortable and flexible, that you can actually run in and climb stairs and still be comfortable all day is a really nice touch.

Size and Fit

Since it is a comp toe and it’s something that is molded together, it has that type of fit. It feels like a gym shoe.

When you wear it for the first time, it feels a little snug. And, that’s how it should be. It should feel like how a gym shoe should feel.

It should conform to your foot. You’re not going to feel the comp toe because Terra has done a really good job of adding a lot of space side to side.

It’s not that tall for comp toe shoe. When you flex this shoe, the comp toe won’t bite into your foot.

Do they run big or small?

I have to say they run spot on. Don’t bother ordering a half size big unless you have wide feet.


The Terra Men’s Spider Work Shoe does come in a little heavy. That’s perfectly understandable. Come on, this shoe has a puncture resistant sole and weighs only around 2.6 lbs.

That’s really not all that heavy when you think about all the functionality that you’re going to get out of these shoes.


So, that’s the Terra Spider Shoes Review. Expect great performance in your workplace or out in the field.

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