Thursday Boots President Review – Men’s 6” Lace-up Boot

Thursday Boots President Review

If you are getting ready to take that plunge of buying your first pair of real dress casual boots, Thursday Boots is a really good choice.

The Thursday Boots President Review is all about the casual look and feel.

You are looking at the President by Thursday Boots. Premium Flat Wax Laces, Goodyear Welt Construction, Cork-Bed Midsole, This President will make boots great again!

Thursday Boots President Review

Thursday Boot Company President Men's Lace-up Boot
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Thursday Boot Company President Men's Lace-up Boot - Paid Ad.
  • THE PERFECT FIT: We recommend ordering 1/2 size smaller than you typically wear in sneakers. If you have any questions, need help finding your size, or need to exchange for a different size, our team is always here to help!
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This classic plain-toe ankle boot is handcrafted with the highest quality Tier 1 USA leather, premium flat waxed cotton laces & features Goodyear Welt construction for added support, durability and a water-resistant seal
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: This boot features a fully lined supple glove leather interior, Poron antimicrobial shock absorbing insoles, cork-bed midsoles that form to your feet, DuraEVA comfort strips & durable studded rubber outsoles for extra grip on all surfaces
  • VERSATILE DESIGNS: We believe in clean & timeless designs with no external branding, letting the high-quality materials & craftsmanship shine, from leather to laces to soles to rivets. The result: products that are beautiful, functional and comfortable
  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: All of our footwear is designed & developed in-house. We are relentlessly focused on delivering the highest quality products at honest prices with best-in-class customer service


  • Natural Horween Leather
  • Full Glove Leather Interior Lining
  • Cork-Bed Midsole
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Premium Flat Wax Laces
  • Cork-Bed Midsole
  • EVA Comfort Strip
  • Studded rubber outsoles
  • Handcrafted with Integrity


This is a good choice for a casual style boot mainly because of the materials and the way this boot is constructed.

They are building this Thursday Boot Company President Men’s 6” Lace-up Boot in a very old-fashioned handcrafted way.

But they are using a lot of new materials to make this thing more practical and to make it into a more everyday boot.

Rubber Sole

We are talking about features here. So, right off the bat, we have to talk about the rubber sole. Having a rubber sole on a casual dress boot increases the amount of time you can actually wear this thing. It’s a really nice touch.

Thursday Boot Co. really did a nice part on their end by adding this rubber sole.


Thursday Boot Company President uses Horween Chromexcel. Now, if you have never heard of Horween

Chromexcel before or if it’s just one of these words that you’ve seen written all over the internet as you are doing your research and picking up a boot like this, see at the end of this article in the reference section. You can see how they make these leathers.

Back to the boot, so the boot is beautiful. The way it fits, the way it goes on and the way this leather just ages with class and character is outstanding. That’s the beauty of Chromexcel; it gets better as it gets older.

It’s not my opinion, ask anybody that wears Chromexcel shoes, and they’ll also tell you the same thing. As these boots get older, they just become more handsome. It’ll also take on characteristics that are unique to the pair only.

Inside The Boot

Not only they use beautiful leather on the outside, but they also line the inside with beautiful soft glove leather.

Now, this is the type of inside that I would personally prefer in my boots. Wearing wool socks daily, sliding my foot in and out of them will feel very comfortable.


The other beautiful thing about having a glove leather boot is that on warmer days the boot is going to be nice and cool. Because there is nothing there to hold your heat.

The pores are going to open up on these leathers, and it’s going to evaporate that moisture right off of your foot.

It has a nice touch to it and feels exceptionally nice too.


The President is a fully welted boot. That means you can take off the sole when it starts to wear off. You can have a new one put on. It doesn’t have to be Thursday Boot Co. rubber sole, but it needs to fall on the same line.

Once you get used to walking around with a full rubber sole, moving over to a leather sole in a familiar pair of boots is probably not the best idea.


Now, deep down in the insole section, it is a beautiful piece of glove leather. On top, there is a piece of EVA. But, what makes the Thursday extra comfortable is that they use an extra cork-footbed inside.

They have actually put an extra layer of hot cork down there. It’s going to conform to the shape of your foot with every single step.

After about a month or two in a pair of boots like these, this boot is only going to fit your foot because it’s going to take on every single bump, nook, and cranny that your foot has to offer.

Size & Fit

If you are new to boots or never tried wearing a boot in your life, pay close attention to what I’m about to say.

Now, a lot of people ask this question that is what size boot should they buy.

A lot of people will tell you to buy a half size smaller if you are wearing thin wool socks or dress socks.

If you plan on wearing very heavy cushion socks because you are kind of afraid that wearing a boot is going to be uncomfortable and you are looking for it to be more like a gym shoe, then you would probably want to buy your size. In case you need to add an insole to this, it’s better to buy your size.

A little Drawback

Now, probably one of the things that not a lot of you guys will like is the way the tongue is built into the boot. It looks like it’s flapping around the boot. It doesn’t have a little tongue stand in there.

But, I can honestly say that the width of the tongue and the length of the tongue, once you get this thing set into your foot, it’s not going to be one of those tongues that slide down to the back or slides down to the side.

It’s nicely placed right down the center, and it has a nice width. It’ll fall in line when you have your boot laced up.


A boot this beautiful need proper maintenance. You need to take care of your boot. All you need is a Horse Hair Brush. You don’t need to sit there oiling and cleaning your boots.

This boot just needs some TLC with a brush every so often. Once a week, just brush the welt, brush the leather, brush of the sole, just get the President clean. Get it? Get the President clean. It’ll allow the leather to breathe up and take on its natural characteristics.

So, that the Thursday Boots President Review. I hope you liked it. If you have any question, shoot me an email via the contact form or leave a comment below.

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