Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review

In this review, we are looking at the Wolverine 1000 mile original boot. Is this tough enough for you guys? Let’s find out. It’s been a long time since I wanted to the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review.

It features a time-tested Goodyear welt construction, durable leather outsole, Horween Chromexcel leather, and many more.

When wanted to make the initial review on the Wolverine 1000 mile boots, I had to think about a couple of things.

I’ve seen these on shelves, but I have never had a pair come to me in a box before. Why am I talking about the box?

Because Wolverine takes a heritage boot and really pushes the whole packaging thing. It feels like you are actually getting something for your money from this boot.

If you are looking for the best old heritage style boots, you have come to the right place. I am reviewing you about the Wolverine Original Thousand Mile Boot which is the perfect marriage of style and craftsmanship.

Wolverine takes a heritage boot and really pushes the whole packaging thing. It is a great looking boot that can be worn on a daily basis and best suited for business attire.

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Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review


These boots are for kicking around town or at work (most likely a casual office job). Let’s have a look at some of its features.

Great Looks – Which is probably the main reason most buy them (speculation of course).

Longevity – If you take care of them, they will last you years.

Recraftable – They can be resoled for a fraction of the cost a new boot and they will be already broken in.

Minimal Break-In – For a quality leather boot, they will be fairly comfortable out of the box. Especially if you compare them to a boot like the Red Wing Heritage Line.

Comfortable – Once broken in, they mold to your feet. Very secure and pleasant.

Slippery in Inclement Weather – The biggest gripe is these boots slid all over the place in slippery/snowy/icy conditions.

The sole is flat stacked leather with zero treads. You could add half soles with lugs if you prefer, but this is one of the main reasons these are NOT adventure/work boots. You just need to be mindful when walking.

Out Of The Box

Out of the box, one of the first things that you are going to notice about this boot is just beautiful and stunning it is.

If you can appreciate something that is built in this old heritage style and the way they finish off the top of the boot and the beautiful arc, this is something that you don’t really see in your everyday boot.

These just add a level of class and quality to the boot.

Speed Laces

Another step is adding some speed laces to the boot. Most of the time, all these heritage boots are eyelets all the way up.

So that means you actually have to take some time getting them on and off lacing up your boot.

Wolverine understands that getting a boot on and off not necessarily quickly but easily is a really important thing.


The sole is a leather stack sole and this is not made for durability at all. Now you can argue that all day long but comparing to urethane sole, leather is not going to be as strong.

The one thing you can do with leather welted sole like such is you can put a new one on. But at the same time, it only takes a few sharp objects in order to start scarring this thing up or to penetrate it and basically destroy it.

So, you cannot use this for kicking shovels and as your work boot. This is going to be strictly one’s weekend casual boot. But this can be your everyday boot if you are lucky enough to work in an office.


Wolverine uses a Vibram rubber heel. So, you are going to use a lot of use and a lot of wear out of this heel section.

It’s not the thickest. But that’s a good thing because it doesn’t interrupt the whole fit and shape of the boot by putting on an extra heavy piece of rubber back here.


The Horween XL leather is amazing. It is some beautiful stuff. It feels great, it looks great. Out of the box, it is waxy. These dress boots, they are always going to be a bit waxy.

Don’t need to freak out. Just buff them, wipe it down with the cloth that they send it along with the box.

Every so often, every two or three days as you are wearing them, wipe them down again. Keep forcing that wax back into the boot, keep that boot looking nice and clean and allow it to get that aged look that you are striving for in a vintage looking boot like this.


Inside this boot, what you are going to find is a nice leather insole and a hard footbed. These leather insoles and leather outsoles, they break in over time. They form to your foot.

Break-in Period

Out-of-the-box, the original thousand-mile Wolverine, it’s going to be a little snug. It’s going to actually fit. You are going to feel it by pushing on parts of your foot that you probably normally don’t feel it.

You have to understand is that these boots need time to shape and grow to your feet. So, if you plan on taking a ten-mile hike out of the box, you are going to have some hurting feet.

But if you allow a couple of weeks, over the course of a month to just wear this boot and slowly, one day on and one day off, before you know, this will become your main go-to set of footwear.


Now, something that I feel that gets overlooked a lot in the whole heritage boot market is the initial packaging.

Some of the companies do a great job of sending along with things inside the box like bags, polishers, and bags that holds the shoes in when you are not wearing them.

I really like that. But the overall packaging that you get from a handmade boot that has a premium price tag, sometimes it is kind of shabby. It feels like a nice imported Chinese boot.

Now, for the Wolverine 1000 mile, the first time I got the box, I was blown away by the caliber of the box. I understand, it is just a box. But the box is just as important sometimes as what is inside it. The packaging kind of makes the whole presentation.

So, looking at this beautiful box, I kind of knew that what I was going to take out of this, is going to be stunning.

So, starting off, it has a beautiful box, everything is finished off nice and smooth. You get a nice fabric for cleaning the boot with, leather made hand tag and a card that mentions the type of leather used to make the boot.


Personally, I love the boot and the materials they use. I love the way it has sewn together and the way it fits. In fact, I love everything about the boot.

So as I look them over kind of defects and kind of looking for things that show the hand of the artist that built this boot. The one thing I find is in the right of the stitching of the sole situated at the right at the tip of the toe.

It is right at the place where you are probably going to bang the crap out of the sole. The bobbin didn’t fully catch on the machine that sews the sole.

But I’m not saying that this is going to fall apart. This is going to be a weak spot for this boot. Also over time, this might start to deteriorate.

If you are just going to break the stitches through and you are going to peel back the sole, nothing that a cobbler can’t fix. Nothing that is sending this back to Wolverine for a resoling, can’t be done or fixed right off the bat.

You got to remember that this is being built in an old fashioned classic way. More than likely they are using old fashioned classic materials and tools. So sometimes things are going to happen.

Final Thought

So that’s the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Review.

If you own a pair of these Wolverine original thousand miles boots, share your experience about how long the leather sole lasted you and what type of environment you are wearing this boot.

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