Wolverine BLADE LX Review – Men’s Waterproof 6″ Comp Toe Work Boot

Wolverine BLADE LX Review

When it comes to Wolverines new Carbonmax line up boots, I’ve been really impressed with them. And, the Blade doesn’t leave me disappointed. Stick around as I go through the Wolverine BLADE LX Review, highlight some of its features and its downsides too.

Long days on the job site can really put stress on your feet if you don’t wear the right footwear that is. The Iconic American brand “Wolverine,” that has a long reputation of making quality footwear since 1883.

The Blade LX is one of their popular boot because of all the latest footwear technology and material quality. They are also aesthetically pleasing boots. Skim through this review or read the whole article and find if it’s worth buying them.

Wolverine BLADE LX Review

WOLVERINE Men's Blade LX Waterproof 6' Comp Toe Work Boot
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WOLVERINE Men's Blade LX Waterproof 6" Comp Toe Work Boot - Paid Ad.
  • Fatigue-fighting epx footbed cushions and flexes with your foot 
  • Carbonmax nanotechnology lightweight safety toe meets astm standard f2413-11 m I/75 c75 eh
  • Direct-attach construction seals out water
  •  slip-resistant rubber lug outsole
  • Nylon shank for durable support

I have to tell you; the Blade LX really impressed me. Mainly because of the waterproof leather and the waterproof membrane built alongside the super soft sole that they are using on this boot.

The material that Wolverine has been using on their sole, the mixture of materials. Adding different densities in different pliable patterns has really proven to be an all-around work boot.

By adding the new rubberized toe and the rubberized heel, whatever that they are using or whatever they are calling it, it makes for a really nice touch, especially when they are using a nice soft leather like this one.


The Blade LX comes with a waterproof impregnated leather. And, they doubled it up with a membrane. So, you’re actually getting twice the security from water that you would normally would with just the membrane and a leather boot.


Now, all the being said, you have to remember that this is direct attached construction. Which means, eventually you are going to flex through this boot and crack the sole. The upper may also start to pull itself away from the sole.

Is it going to happen in six months? Probably not!

Is it going to happen in a year? Probably not!

It depends on you. How you plan on using them will determine the lifespan of these boots. Now, it’s probably going to start to happen as a reminder that it’s time to get a new pair of work boots.

You know that when point when your knees start to hurt, your back starts to hurt because you have beaten the boot up way too much. That’s probably when the Blade LX will start to deteriorate.

Nanotech Toe

The main key feature that is built in this boot, the one they are pushing the Nanotech Toe. This key feature is what impressed me. It’s the next-gen tech for safety toes.

The Carbonmax toe that is inside the boot is ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin and ultra-well engineered because you are getting space and distance inside this Carbonmax toe that we haven’t seen in a lot of boot so far.

People have tried to make one side higher and one side lower, one side kind of conformed to the shape of your toes, but Wolverine has nailed it.

They have created a boot that has a lot of space inside there, and it is extremely comfortable.

Inside Of The Boot

Inside the boot, you’ll find the wicking liner. It’s a great idea. But, remember that this boot has double layer waterproofness. So, if anything is going to wick, where is it going to put the moisture?

Wolverine has actually engineered a solution for that. As you heat up the boot, it keeps pushing the moisture to the surface.

Don’t be surprised that on a regular mild day, if you start to develop white salt lines just from your body getting rid of the salt that’s inside there. It has to push it somewhere, and it’s going to come out of the boot.

Extremely Comfortable

Also, when you put your hand inside there, what you are going to feel is that this boot is extremely comfortable.

All the way around the boot. Down to the vamp to heel section, it’s soft and comfy.

What makes the boot even more comfortable is the actual sole material. The dual density, the multiple layers that go into creating the directly attached type sole and the insole.


It comes with the epx™ ribbed insole. It’s three-quarters of an inch thick in the heel section, and at the top, it has at least 5/8th-inch thickness. Wolverine has really engineered this insole.

Which can also be considered as a drawback for this boot. This insole and the boot can only work together. You can’t run out and just buy any insole and put it inside.

If the insole starts to wear out, break, tear apart to the point that you don’t want to wear your boots anymore, you can’t buy any aftermarket insole and put it in here.

You can only use epx™ insoles. Because that’s the way, the Blade LX boot was engineered. As long as these two pieces are together, as long as you are running around working at this boot, you’re going to be super comfortable.

Size & Fit

If you are used to wearing Wolverines, they usually fit perfectly. I have seen a lot of people go down a half size from their normal size because of the new engineering and because of the new insole.

The inside dimensions of this boot are going to feel foreign because of the new construction style. Wolverine is making their boots bigger than they should in order to incorporate the EPX insole and the new Carbonmax toe.

If you get the chance to try them out, try out your normal size. If it feels big, don’t be afraid to go a half size down.

Try them using your socks on. Go for summer socks for the hotter days.

Final Thoughts

This wraps up our review for the Wolverine Blade LX work boots. I’m very impressed by this boot. If you really want a comfortable work boot, this pair should the one to go for.

It’s lightweight. The style is great. Fits true to size and have a great toe box. The only downside would the breathability. But you’ll hardly notice that. So far, that’s my opinion.

If you find the Wolverine BLADE LX Review to be helpful, make sure to share and leave a comment. It’ll inspire me to do more of these reviews.

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